Assets and Symbols

  Asset Class
Index Name         
Underlying Asset            
  VOLSPYRealVol SPY IndicesSPDR S&P 500 ETF1993
 Equity Indices 
  VOLESRealVol US 500 IndicesE-mini S&P 500 Futures CME1997
  VOLYMRealVol Indu 30 IndicesE-mini Dow ($5) Futures CBT1997
  VOLNQRealVol Tech 100 IndicesE-mini NASDAQ 100 Futures CME1999
  VOLMDRealVol Mid 400 IndicesE-mini S&P MidCap 400 Futures CME1992
  VOLNKRealVol Japan 225 IndicesNikkei/USD Futures CME1990
  VOLCCRealVol Cocoa IndicesCocoa Futures ICE1970
  VOLKCRealVol Coffee IndicesCoffee Futures ICE1973
  VOLCRealVol Corn IndicesCorn Futures CBT1962
  VOLCTRealVol Cotton IndicesCotton Futures ICE1972
  VOLFCRealVol Feeder Cattle IndicesFeeder Cattle Futures CME1974
  VOLLCRealVol Live Cattle IndicesLive Cattle Futures CME1966
  VOLLNRealVol Lean Hogs IndicesLean Hog Futures CME1970
  VOLOJRealVol Orange Juice IndicesOrange Juice Futures ICE1967
  VOLSRealVol Soybean IndicesSoybean Futures CBT1970
  VOLSMRealVol Soybean Meal IndicesSoybean Meal Futures CBT1964
  VOLBORealVol Soybean Oil IndicesSoybean Oil Futures CBT1962
  VOLSBRealVol Sugar IndicesSugar Futures ICE1964
  VOLWRealVol Wheat IndicesWheat Futures CBT1962
  VOLBPRealVol GBP/USD IndicesBritish Pound Futures CME1976
  VOLECRealVol EUR/USD IndicesEuro FX Futures CME1999
  VOLJYRealVol USD/JPY IndicesJapanese Yen Futures CME1977
  VOLSFRealVol CHF/USD IndicesSwiss Franc Futures CME1975
 Interest Rates 
  VOLTURealVol 2 Yr Note Indices2 Yr Note Futures CBT1990
  VOLFVRealVol 5 Yr Note Indices5 Yr Note Futures CBT1988
  VOLTYRealVol 10 Yr Note Indices10 Yr Note Futures CBT1982
  VOLUSRealVol U.S. Treasury Bond IndicesU.S. Treasury Bond Futures CBT1977
  VOLBSRealVol Euro-Schatz IndicesEuro-Schatz EUREX1997
  VOLBMRealVol Euro-Bobl IndicesEuro-Bobl EUREX1995
  VOLBLRealVol Euro-Bund IndicesEuro-Bund EUREX1990
  VOLRRealVol Long Gilt IndicesLong Gilt LIFFE1990
  VOLNGRealVol Natural Gas IndicesNatural Gas (Henry Hub) Physical Futures NYMEX1990
  VOLBRealVol Brent Crude Oil IndicesBrent Crude Oil Futures ICE1994
  VOLCLRealVol Crude Oil IndicesCrude Oil Futures NYMEX1983
  VOLGRealVol Gasoil IndicesGasoil Futures ICE1990
  VOLHORealVol Heating Oil IndicesNY Harbor ULSD Futures NYMEX1980
  VOLRBRealVol NYH RBOB Gas IndicesRBOB Gasoline Physical Futures NYMEX1996
  VOLGCRealVol Gold IndicesGold Futures CEC1975
  VOLHGRealVol Copper IndicesCopper Futures CEC1962
  VOLSIRealVol Silver IndicesSilver Futures CEC1965

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